• Youth Nationals 2019 held in Saskatoon
    Back row, L-R: Khonsiss Wuttunee (jingle dancer), Jamie Sheppard (coach), Tara Kristjansson (coach), Mel December (SDA Youth Director), Shaukeena McKay, Jaden English, Matthew Sheppard, Garth Camber, Grace Adrian (chaperone), Brad December (chaperone). Front row, L-R: Keturah Adrian, Rianna December, Kya Scott, Taryn Kristjansson, Cameron Wheeler, Joshua Adrian.

    The 2019 NDFC Youth Nationals got under way in Saskatoon Friday May 17 and it was a good day for our juniors in doubles action.

    In junior girls’ play, Taryn Kristjansson (Saskatoon) and Kya Scott (Maple Creek) won the silver medal. Also reaching the final were junior boys Jaden English (Saskatoon) and Josh Adrian (Nipawin).

    Saturday May 19, Saskatoon: Rianna December of Warman wins the bronze medal in Senior Girls’ singles.

    On Sunday May 19, Josh Adrian made it to the final of the boys’ World Masters qualifier, while Rianna December was third in the girls’ event.

    Saskatchewan finished 7th in the overall Canada Cup standings. You can see the full official NDFC results here.

  • New faces, solid performances at Youth Provincials

    Lots of new juniors at Youth Provincials bodes well for the future, while our established stars are off to Nationals again to represent Saskatchewan.

    All 20 participants are pictured at the Youth Provincials in Saskatoon. No names – you know who you are!

    With a full report, here’s SDA Youth Director Melanie December:

    We had an awesome weekend at the 2019 Saskatchewan Youth Provincials with 20 participants! All players played well, had fun and showed great sportsmanship. The event started Saturday February 16 at 10 am and finished at approximately 3 pm Sunday.

    The largest group was in junior boys with 14 competitors. It was a close finish for the boys with a playoff needed for the alternate placements. The winner was a repeat of last year, Joshua Adrian from Nipawin.

    In second place was Jaden English from Saskatoon. Garth Camber from Nipawin was successful in the playoff for alternate, and due to having no second-place Senior boy, he was asked to move up to the Senior division. As a result, Matthew Sheppard from Maple Creek will be our alternate Junior boy for the Nationals.

    Junior girls featured three competitors and taking first is another repeat winner from last year, Taryn Kristjansson from Saskatoon. It was close for second and alternate, but in the end Kya Scott from Maple Creek edged out Shaukeena McKay of Nipawin to finish second! Shaukeena wins the alternate spot.

    In Senior boys we only had one competitor, Cameron Wheeler from Nipawin, who took home the winner’s cup and played well throughout the weekend, practising with other youth and adult dart players who were there supporting.

    In Senior girls, Rianna December of Saskatoon and Keturah Adrian of Nipawin were the two competitors. Rianna took first and Keturah came in second from the weekend of play.

    Three 180s were shot over the weekend; one by Rianna and two by Taryn. Way to represent ladies!

    As usual the players were asked to vote for the male and female sportsmanship awards. This year the honour of this title went to Kya Scott and Gabe Lachapelle, both from Maple Creek. Way to go!

    Congrats to those who made the team and to all the others who played well throughout two long days. We had new players and a few familiar faces which was awesome.

    Thank you to all the parents and volunteers, you made this event possible! – Melanie December,Youth Director

    Thanks Melanie. Youth Nationals are in Saskatoon this year, May 16-20.

  • Wins for SK youth at Klondike

    Matthew Shephard and Rianna December came back from Edmonton with first place finishes. With more here’s Youth director Mel December:

    This past weekend Saskatchewan had a good showing at the Klondike in Edmonton with our youth having 9 players in total.  On Saturday Matthew Sheppard came in first in junior boys and Gabe Noble got joint third while Taryn Kristjanssen got second in senior females and Will Sheppard got joint third in senior boys.  Way to go everyone! This is the first ranked NDFC youth tournament earning points for Matthew, Gabe and Taryn!  Currently Matthew is sitting in first place, Gabe in third for junior boys and Taryn in second in senior girls for NDFC!

    On Sunday the WDF singles event took place. Saskatchewan did well again having Rianna December (pictured right) take first place and Taryn (far right) placing joint third!  Way to represent girls!  Shout out to Jamie Sheppard and the Maple Creek crew for all their fundraising and dedication to the youth to make attending this event possible.

  • 2018 Youth Nationals report

    Youth Nationals were held in May. Here’s Youth Director Shauna Grassing with her report from Drummondville:

    The 2018 Youth National Darts Championship held in Drummondville, Quebec is all wrapped up.  Team Saskatchewan finished in eighth place overall. We sent a full team of four boys and four girls, as well as four adult chaperones. Some parents also joined us in Drummondville.

    The entire team played in the Bursary Shoot on Thursday evening as a warm up to the national events. The provincial directors voted that evening to approve a new bursary. National Finance Director Don Crookshanks proposed a bursary being paid out from Swiftflyte sponsorship. This will mean a significant increase in the bursary being awarded doubling the top prizes to $1000. It is Don’s hope this will attract more youth to play in the event which is open to all NDFC youth members.

    Savanah Solomon, our lone graduating player, carried the Saskatchewan flag for opening ceremonies Friday morning.  The singles events were played following team pictures. 

    Three of the girls advanced from their sections in the singles events; Rianna December, Taryn Kristjansson and Savanah Solomon. Junior Girl Rianna December had the best showing, finishing with a bronze medal (joint third). Unbeknownst to the youth, the directors also voted to pay the youth cash prizes in the singles events.

    Unfortunately, Rianna met teammate Taryn three times in the knock out rounds over the weekend, in the singles event, Americas Cup Qualifier and the World Masters Qualifier, limiting our chances for more points.

    One highlight of the weekend was junior boy Joshua Adrian shooting a 180 during a playoff game for fourth position and winning the game to advance in the Americas Cup Qualifier. Rianna December also shot a 180 and a 171 in competition.  Both players were recognized with a national pin at the awards presentations.

    For senior player, Savanah Solomon, this was her last opportunity to compete as a youth player and she will be missed by all. Her friendly smile and gentle nature makes her a favorite with everyone. The team presented her with gifts of appreciation at the banquet. We hope to see her continue to play as an adult.

    On a sad note, this was National Youth Director Carol Collett’s final year.  After running the youth nationals for thirty years she is stepping down. She will be truly missed by everyone. Her commitment to the youth program has be unmatched.

    I also have enjoyed many years on the SDA executive and my two years as youth director.  I am pleased to say the youth will be in good hands with Mel December. Mel was able to attend the youth directors meeting with me and I think that alone will make for a smooth transition.  I would like to thank this year’s chaperones: Brad December, Jack Grassing, and Becky Arndt and the parents for being supportive of our players.  Good luck to everyone involved in hosting nationals next year.

    Thanks Shauna! Congratulations to all our youth players. Here’s the official NDFC photo of Team Saskatchewan:

    Back row, L-R: Jack Grassing (chaperone) Dillon Dumont, Joshua Adrian, Saul Arndt, Jaymes Swenson, Brad December (chaperone). Front row, L-R: Shauna Grassing (Youth Director), Taryn Kristjansson, Shaukeena McKay, Carol Collett (National Youth Director), Savanah Solomon, Rianna December, Becky Arndt (chaperone).
  • Youth Provincials 2018

    Boys winners: Seniors first Saul Arndt, second Jaymes Swenson. Juniors first Joshua Adrian, second Dillon Dumont.

    Girls winners: Seniors first Savanah Solomon, second Veronika Duchscherer. Juniors first Taryn Kristjansson, second Rianna December.

  • Good sports

    The 2018 SDA Youth sportsmanship awards went to Savanah Solomon and Jake Larratt.

  • Youth team plays Nationals
    Back Row L-R: Josh Grenier, Dan Arndt (coach) Saul Arndt, David Pelly, Jack Grassing (coach), Cameron Wheeler.
    Front row: Mel December (coach), Shaukeena McKay, Rianna December, Savanah Solomon, Shauna Grassing (SDA).

    The NDFC Youth Nationals took place in Saint John, New Brunswick May 16-19. With a report here’s Shauna Grassing:

    “The Canadian Youth Nationals is finished for the year. The New Brunswick Dart Association were terrific hosts, the venue was wonderful and the hotel was only steps away. And throughout the four days of play, our team’s darts were only wires away. 

    Our lack of trophies certainly does not reflect the way the youth played. Luck of the draws played a big part, having to play in a preliminary round in both the Nodor Cup and Mixed Doubles.

    Saul Arndt struggled during the course of the tournament. His elbow injury played a huge factor.  His pain was evident to me as I watched him play but like a true sportsman, he never complained or used his injury as an excuse. Hopefully after some rest we will see him back on track.

    Rianna December played very well and she, Savanah Solomon and Saul all finished in joint fifth in the singles events. Rianna, currently ranked 14th by the WDF, also played in the World Masters and World Cup qualifiers. The NDFC is still not certain whether a team will be sent to Japan for the World Cup but the youth directors felt it was important to hold the qualifier.

    For our other players, Josh Grenier, David Pelly, Cam Wheeler and Shaukeena McKay, the Nationals was an invaluable experience.

    The team finished seventh overall in the Canada Cup and I am proud of our players for their sportsmanship and their efforts.

    We were lucky enough to be in Saint John for Loyalist Day. There was a 21-gun salute, free entrance to the museum and Loyalist House and a fireworks display in the evening.

     I would like to thank my coaches: Dan Arndt, Mel December and Jack Grassing. I would also like to thank Brad December and Becky Arndt for their support.” – Shauna Grassing, SDA Youth Director

    L-R David Pelly, Cameron Wheeler, Savanah Solomon, Rianna December, Saul Arndt, Shaukeena McKay, Josh Grenier.

    Saul Arndt had the honour of carrying the Canadian flag at the opening ceremony, accompanied by Taylor Probert of Nova Scotia.

  • Rianna tops junior girls at Silver Cup

    Rianna December of Saskatoon took first place in the junior girls’ event at the Silver Cup Challenge held in Medicine Hat April 28-30.

    Rianna, second right, is pictured celebrating with the other winners Courtney Kane, Jayden Chiasson and Roan Herbert. The SDA sent our youth team to the tournament as a warm-up for their Nationals trip later this month. With a report from the tournament, here’s SDA Youth Director Shauna Grassing:

    “Eight youth players and four chaperones travelled to Medicine Hat for the Silver Cup Challenge youth tournament.

    “It was a great team-building weekend. Dan and Becky Arndt, Shawn Solomon and I chaperoned the crew. Unfortunately Josh Grenier was not able to attend.

    “Our Saskatchewan players exhibited great sportsmanship of which we should all be proud. We have taught them well. There were a number of personal best finishes and even some cash prizes. The youth threw some amazing darts. We are proud of every one of them. On Friday evening the adults joined in the fun for a blind draw. Saturday was draw doubles for boys and girls, as well as the World Dart Federation Singles event. On Sunday, singles were played in each age division.

    “Rianna December finished first in the girls WDF event and first in the Junior Girls Singles event! Way to go Rianna. We also had a few second place finishes and many joint 3rds in the other events. ” – Shauna Grassing

    The youth team is pictured above. Back row L-R:Dillon Dumont (alt), Saul Arndt, Jaymes Swenson (alt), David Pelly, Cameron Wheeler. Front Row: Savanah Solomon, Rianna December, Shaukeena McKay. The team sent us this message: “We would like to thank the SDA for the opportunity to travel to Medicine Hat as part of our training for nationals. We would also like to thank Bill Hatter and crew for putting on a great shoot.”

    NDFC Youth Nationals start May 16 in Saint John, New Brunswick. Let’s wish our team all the best! You can get all the results here as soon as they come in.

  • Youth of today

    The 2015 Youth Classic tournament was held in Regina May 2.

    With a report here’s SDA President Pat Copeman:

    Ten enthusiastic dart players registered for the day’s events, which started with a blind draw doubles. To provide more competition for the youth we added parents and extra spectators as entrants to the event. Each youth player was teamed with an adult except for our senior girls’ team – the senior girls played together. 

    The result of this event are as follows:
    1st: Saul Arndt/Shauna Grassing
    2nd: Shaukeena McKay/Dan Arndt
    Jt.3rd: Dakota Roberts/Randi Friess, Lyneta Grenier/Brad December
    Jt.5th: David Pelly/Ashtin Bear, Clover Arndt/Carol Shepherd, Rianna December/Shawn Solomon, Josh Grenier/Pat Copeman.

    In the afternoon the youth players played singles against the other players in their respective divisions.

    The results are as follows: 

    Senior Girls: 1st – Randi Friess, 2nd – Clover Arndt, 3rd – Lyneta Grenier
    Junior Girls: 1st – Rianna December, 2nd – Savanah Solomon, 3rd – Shaukeena McKay
    Junior Boys: 1st – Saul Arndt, 2nd – Josh Grenier, 3rd – David Pelly
    There were no senior boys at the tournament.

    All in all the players enjoyed themselves and the tournament was a success. – Pat

    Thanks Pat!

    Pictured below having a good time are the players with their coaches and parents.  A good-looking bunch – you know who you are!

    Photo by Becky Arndt

    This tournament serves as a warm-up for Youth Team Saskatchewan members Dakota, Randi, Rianna, Savanah, Saul and Josh who are off to St. Catherine’s for the Nationals May 14-17.

  • Youth team start strong in Halifax

    In doubles play on May 16, the first day of national competition, Saskatchewan girls got off to a flyer!

    Randi Friess (Nipawin, far left) and Dakota Roberts (Prince Albert, near left) made the final in Senior Girls and won the silver medal. The stage match was very close, with Dakota wiring a double she needed to win the fifth and final game against Newfoundland and Labrador. Congratulations on a great result!

    Junior Girls Savanah Solomon and Rianna December got to the semis and finish with a bronze medal for joint third. The juniors are pictured right. Savanah (Regina, L) says she and Rianna (Saskatoon, R) “played pretty good together.” She had to help rookie Rianna with what to shoot for sometimes but it seems to have worked out! Savanah says “we would encourage each other a lot.”

    Savanah enjoyed her first time at Nationals. “It’s really fun. You get to meet a lot of different people from different places and become friends with them. It’s a great experience.”

    Rianna was also a first-time competitor at Nationals. She says “Oh yeah, I would do this again!”

    SDA Provincial Youth Director Trish Gray says “the senior girls played an awesome stage set. I am super proud,” and that for the juniors, third place is a “sweet” result in their first year. Trish says the boys’ teams missed out (May 16), but not for a lack of good darts.

    In other notable results, Saul Arndt of Regina finished second in the pre-tournament Bursary shoot and second again in the World Masters qualifier. Our overall finish in the Canada Cup was fifth. Full results will be posted by the NDFC.

    Official team picture, NDFC Youth Nationals, Halifax, NS, May 16 2014: Back row: Laurie Unger (coach), Hunch Gray (chaperon), Saul Arndt, Austin Morrison, Ashtin Bear, Josh Grenier, Shawn Solomon (chaperon). Front row: Rianna December, Savanah Solomon, Dakota Roberts, Randi Friess, Trish Gray (SDA youth director).
  • Saskatchewan youth Ashtin Bear wins 2014 National championship

    Ashtin Bear of Prince Albert won the NDFC National Senior Boys’ championship in Halifax May 17, defeating Dawson Murschell of Alberta in the final 3-1. Ashtin, pictured right, took out a 72 finish to win the gold. After his victory he said “I can’t believe I won,” later saying that it is “a dream come true.” What better way to end his final year as a youth player! Congratulations Ashtin!

    Dakota Roberts, also from Prince Albert, came second in senior girls, losing to Raina Burke of Newfoundland in the final 3-2. The match went down to the final double.

    A day earlier, Dakota and her partner Randi Friess finished second in senior girls’ doubles, then on Day 3, Ashtin and Dakota teamed up to finish second in mixed doubles, bringing Dakota her third silver and the team’s total medal count to a gold, three silvers and a bronze.

  • Classic rocks

    Here’s a report from SDA Youth Director Trish Gray, organizer of the 2013 Youth Classic tournament that took place January 12:

    “The annual Youth Classic, an open tournament for all Saskatchewan youth players, was held at the Anavets Club in Saskatoon. This is an opportunity to educate the youth players in all aspects of their darts game including etiquette, sportsmanship, styles, outs and much more.

    “The chilly weather may have been partly to blame for a lower turnout than usual: there were 10 participants in the four youth categories, some travelling from as far as Hudson Bay, Nipawin, Rosetown, Regina and Prince Albert. A Blind Doubles event was played and Austin Morrison and Savannah Solomon were the winners. A Singles event was held in each category.

    Senior Girls
     1st – Miranda Cleaveley
     2nd – Randi Friess
     3rd – Brittany Lyons
    Senior Boys:
     1st – Austin Morrison
    This round robin was
    filled with additional
    Senior Boys – Dan Arndt,
    Rod Swenson and Doug Spearey
    Junior Girls
     1st – Clover Arndt
     2nd – Savannah Solomon

    New player 
    Skylar Federuik
    played doubles and cricket
    Junior Boys
     1st – Saul Arndt
     2nd – Austin Parnitsky
     3rd – Jaymes Swenson

    “To round the day out, we held a cricket event. Each youth player was teamed up with an adult.  The youth really enjoyed this always popular event. Gerry Gray donated several items, draws were held throughout the day and every player received a prize. Trophies were handed out to everyone!” – Trish

  • Mixed doubles gold at 2012 Youth Nationals

    Megan Lyons of Nipawin and partner James Walter of Hudson Bay struck gold in Thunder Bay, Ontario with a win in the 2012 Senior Mixed Doubles competition. Megan now has two gold medals in this event, winning it for the first time in 2010. Megan and James are pictured right.

    Saskatchewan youth players picked up a few medals on the first day of Nationals, with our team getting in the the act in all four categories of doubles: senior boys James Walter, Ashtin Bear, 2nd place; senior girls Megan Lyons, Miranda Cleaveley, 2nd place; junior boys Austin Morrison, Saul Arndt, joint third; junior girls Brittany Lyons Clover Arndt, joint third.

    Singles were played on day 2: Clover Arndt, junior girls joint 3rd; Megan Lyons, Miranda Cleaveley, senior girls joint 5th; James Walter, senior boys joint 5th; Saul Arndt, junior boys joint 5th. See full results (NDFC)

    .Team ThirdOur overall finish this year was third, the best since 2008: fantastic job by players and coaches. Congratulations to all our winners!

    Pictured right sporting their bronze medals at the banquet May 20, L-R: Laurie Lyons (chaperon), Saul Arndt, Austin Morrison, Dan Arndt (chaperon), Clover Arndt, Ashtin Bear, Brittany Lyons, Miranda Cleaveley, James Walter, Megan Lyons, Trish Gray (SDA Youth Director), Hunch Gray (coach).

  • 2011 Nationals

    Our SDA youth team attended the NDFC Youth Nationals in Edmonton over the Victoria Day weekend. Here they are in the official team picture:

    Back row, L-R, RCMP officer, Trish Gray (youth director), Kennedy Haluke, James Walter, Austin Morrison, Hunch Gray (coach), RCMP officer. Front row, L-R, Lowine Binkley (chaperon), Saul Arndt, Megan Lyons, Clover Arndt, Brittany Lyons, Miranda Cleaveley, Dan Arndt (chaperon).
  • Girl power

    Junior girl Clover Arndt was the star of the singles events for Team Sask on day two of Nationals, finishing joint third. Nice job by the rookie from Regina!

    Five from our team of eight made it beyond the round robin in singles, all tacking on points towards the Canada Cup standings.

    In the World Masters qualifier, Nipawin’s Megan Lyons missed a trip to England by that much, finishing second to Abbigale Hatter of Alberta. Megan is the provincial senior girls’ champion.

    Youth director Trish Gray reports that the team spirit among our young players is excellent. “What a day!” says Trish. “The team is a true team. All for one and one for all. The support for each other is awesome.”

    Trish says it was an exceptional performance by the whole team. “The competition was tough but the players were determined. I am very proud of them all.”

  • Early impact

    Senior girls Megan Lyons and Miranda Cleaveley took joint third in the doubles on the first day of NDFC Youth Nationals. And notch up another joint third for Team Sask – Junior girls Brittany Lyons and Clover Arndt made the semis. Senior boys Kennedy Haluke and James Walter lost out in a playoff, and junior boys Austin Morrison and Saul Arndt did not advance.

    Saskatchewan entered players into all events in all age groups at Nationals. Full results from Edmonton are posted on the NDFC homepage.

  • Look out Canada – here comes the Youth of SK
    L-R: Austin Morrison, Brittany Lyons, Saul Arndt, James Walter, Megan Lyons,
    Miranda Cleaveley, Clover Arndt, Randi Friess (Alt), Kennedy Haluke

    Youth Team Saskatchewan has two new faces this year and six players making a return to the national level.

    In Junior Boys, Austin Morrison of Rosetown and Saul Arndt of Regina repeated their one-two performance from last year and will head to Edmonton for Nationals in May.

    Junior Girls’ champion for the second year in a row is Brittany Lyons of Nipawin. She’s joined by Clover Arndt of Regina.

    Megan Lyons (YTS ’08, ’09, ’10) is the Senior Girls’ winner for the third time. Her partner will be Miranda Cleaveley of Hudson Bay who was a junior at last year’s Nationals.

    Finally, Senior Boys’ number one this year is James Walter (YTS ’07, ’08, ’09); he’s joined by newcomer Kennedy Haluke of Nipawin. Let’s wish the whole team all the best for NDFC Nationals 2011.

    The Youth Provincials were held February 12 and 13 in Regina. Lots of new up-and-comers tried out and we had 31 entries from across the province. That’s well up on last year. Young players from Prince Albert, Hudson Bay, Rosetown, Nipawin, Regina and, new for 2011, Hodgeville came to the Queen City for a two-day round-robin event.

    Sportsmanship awards were voted on by players, and the winners were Clover and Saul Arndt.

    Ashton Bear of Prince Albert notched up a maximum 180. Nice shot!

    Many thanks to our energetic Youth Director and all the volunteers from the host zone.

  • Youth take centre stage

    Thirty-three young darts players hit Saskatoon for the Youth Classic tournament January 15.

    Players from Prince Albert, Nipawin, Hudson Bay, Rosetown, Regina and, new for 2011, Hodgeville took part in the event.

    Junior Girls winner Clover Arndt of Regina.
    Kyle Solomon of Regina, the Junior Boys winner.
    I have seen the future – and it’s youth darts players! Everyone in the picture above received a set of darts,
    generously donated to the Youth program by John Brann.
    James Walter, Hudson Bay
    Senior Boys winner
    Blind Draw winners
     Rachel Grenier, Hudson Bay (L) and Austin Morrison, Rosetown (R). They’re joined by Trish Gray.
    Megan Lyons, Nipawin
    Senior Girls winner

    Youth Organizer Trish Gray says the tournament was “an absolute success!” The record number of entrants was an increase of 10 on last year.

    Trish sends out a special thank-you to everyone who volunteered for the morning set-up and evening tear-down, and all the parents, chaperons and volunteers who helped make this day a success.

  • Youth team returns

    Our team of eight youth players is back in Saskatchewan with some booty, a lot of pride and memories for a lifetime.

    Team Saskatchewan 2010. Back row, L-R: Miranda Cleaveley, Aspen Cleaveley, Tyson Newell, Mitch Kavanagh, Austin Morrison, Megan Lyons. Front row, L-R: Laurie Lyons, Ken Cleaveley, Saul Arndt, Brittany Lyons, Trish Gray, Hunch Gray. Unnamed RCMP officer, centre
  • Mixed doubles gold for Seniors

    Gander, Newfoundland: Tyson Newell and Megan Lyons took first place in the Senior Mixed Doubles at Youth Nationals! A superb result for Saskatchewan up against some stiff competition – congratulations to them both.

    Team Sask made a splash at the Nodor Cup team event as well with a third-place finish.

    Overall, Saskatchewan finished 5th in the Canada Cup, an improvement on last year.

  • Two bronzes for Girls’ teams

    Team Sask made a good start at the Youth Nationals as our girls’ doubles teams both placed joint third on opening day.

    Two sets of sisters trod the podium: Megan Lyons and Aspen Cleaveley in Seniors and Brittany Lyons and Miranda Cleaveley in Juniors. The Lyons girls are from Nipawin and the Cleaveleys hail from Hudson Bay.

    Later that evening, Austin Morrison came second in the bursary shoot.

    Megan and Brittany Lyons both reached the last eight in girls’ singles. Great job!

    Also representing us this year were Senior Boy Mitch Kavanagh and Junior Boy Saul Arndt.

    Youth director Trish Gray says she has been super impressed by the whole team’s attitude. “I cannot say enough about how proud I was to be associated with all these terrific youth players,” says Trish. “I was especially pleased with the senior members of the team who stepped up, without being asked, to mentor and be leaders for the young players.”

    Trish gives the shout out to Hunch, Ken and Laurie, the coaching staff, and Dan and Becky, the parents. “All your hard work did not go unnoticed. Thanks!”

  • Going to Gander

    The indomitable Lyons sisters Megan and Brittany take a trophy each at provincials and are away to Newfoundland for the Youth Nationals.

    Senior boy Mitch Kavanagh is taking off for the fourth time while partner Tyson Newell and junior Austin Morrison make a second trip. Persistence pays off for Miranda Cleaveley, who makes it at the third attempt.
    Here are the results. Top two go, thirds are alternates.

    Junior Girls
    1st Brittany Lyons (Nipawin)
    2nd Miranda Cleaveley (Hudson Bay)
    3rd Clover Arndt (Regina)

    Junior Boys
    1st Austin Morrison (Rosetown)
    2nd Saul Arndt (Regina)
    3rd Kyle Solomon (Regina)

    Senior Girls
    1st Megan Lyons (Nipawin)
    2nd Letitia Walter (Hudson Bay)*
    3rd Aspen Cleaveley (Hudson Bay)

    Senior Boys
    1st Tyson Newell (Prince Albert)
    2nd Mitch Kavanagh (Regina)
    3rd James Walter (Hudson Bay)

    In the picture: L-R, back row, Mitch, Tyson, James, Tish, Clover; middle row: Kyle, Megan, Austin, Brittany, Miranda; in front: Saul and Aspen.

    Saul is the youngest member of the team – he’s 10.

    *Aspen will be in Gander as part of the team because Letitia is unavailable for Newfoundland.

    Congratulations to them all. Full results soon.

  • Numbers up at youth tournament

    Twenty-five young players from far and wide played in the Youth Classic tournament in Saskatoon January 16.

    Top honours went to:

    Aspen Cleaveley (Hudson Bay)
    Mitch Kavanagh (Regina)
    Brittany Lyons (Nipawin)
    Austin Morrison (Rosetown)

    Full details on our Youth Page.

    Organizer Trish Gray says the turnout was 6 up on last year, and there was “very positive feedback from the youth and parents about the tournament format and the location.”

    The Classic is a chance for young players to compete in the run up to Provincials in Rosetown February 20.

  • Youth Classic rerun for Mitch

    Mitch Kavanagh of Regina repeated his 2009 win at the Youth Classic in the 2010 event January 16 in Saskatoon. Here are the results:

    Senior Boys
    1st Mitch Kavanagh (Regina)
    2nd James Walter (Hudson Bay)
    3rd Caleb Grenier (Hudson Bay)

    Senior Girls
    1st Aspen Cleaveley (Hudson Bay)
    2nd Megan Lyons (Nipawin)
    3rd Letitia Walter (Hudson Bay) “””180″””

    Junior Boys
    1st Austin Morrison (Rosetown)
    2nd Brandon Geini (Nipawin)
    3rd Damon Netowaysin (Hudson Bay)
    3rd Saul Arndt (Regina)

    Junior Girls
    1st Brittany Lyons (Nipawin)
    2nd Miranda Cleaveley (Hudson Bay)
    3rd Randi Friess (Nipawin)

    Austin Morrison and Michelle Grenier teamed up to win the Blind Draw doubles event.

    The new venue at Saskatoon’s Confederation Inn was a success. Styling!

    Organizers Trish and Hunch would like to thank Bonnie, Al and Doug for helping set up and Laurie for the treats and pop.

  • Aspen and Alitha take bronze at youth Nationals

    Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec, May 15: Saskatchewan senior girls Aspen Cleaveley (Hudson Bay) and Alitha Chamney (Estevan) finished joint third in the doubles on the first day of the 2009 NDFC Youth Nationals. Great job girls!

    May 16: SDA Youth Director Trish Gray says Saturday was a tough day for our players in the singles competition, with hard losses for some. No one advanced past the first round, but there was awesome group support, says Trish. Even after Team Sask had all finished for the day, they sportingly stuck around for stage play in a “sea of white” team shirts.

    Front row, L-R: Jacki Lalonde (SDA), Austin Morrison, Aspen Cleaveley, Trish Gray (SDA), Alitha Chamney, Megan Lyons, Naomi Netowaysin. Back row: Hunch Gray (SDA), Mitch Kavanagh, Tyson Newell, James Walter, Brian Humphreys (SDA).

    May 17: Trish reports from Saint-Hyacinthe.

    “On Sunday we played the Nodor Cup event, our first round was against New Brunswick. The players did very well, but unfortunately the team lost 3-4 ending the opportunity to continue.”On Sunday we played the Nodor Cup event, our first round was against New Brunswick. The players did very well, but unfortunately the team lost 3-4 ending the opportunity to continue.

    “Next was the mixed doubles event. The competition was fierce and all of our mixed teams played very well, but unfortunately they did not continue on into any of the medal draws.

    “It was very emotional for some of the players, but I told them that I did not care about the Ws, the medals or any of that. As long as they felt that they played well that is all that mattered to me. I was never disappointed with any of them – they are all my heroes.

    “Megan Lyons played in the World Masters qualifier. She advanced through a couple of the knock-out draws and played exceptionally well. She had the whole team standing right behind her all the way.

    “It was such a pleasure to take this group of fine young adults to Saint-Hyacinthe and watch them compete for Saskatchewan with pride, dignity and awesome sportsmanship!”

    Saskatchewan finished in sixth place overall in the Canada Cup.