Youth team start strong in Halifax

In doubles play on May 16, the first day of national competition, Saskatchewan girls got off to a flyer!

Randi Friess (Nipawin, far left) and Dakota Roberts (Prince Albert, near left) made the final in Senior Girls and won the silver medal. The stage match was very close, with Dakota wiring a double she needed to win the fifth and final game against Newfoundland and Labrador. Congratulations on a great result!

Junior Girls Savanah Solomon and Rianna December got to the semis and finish with a bronze medal for joint third.┬áThe juniors are pictured right. Savanah (Regina, L) says she and Rianna (Saskatoon, R) “played pretty good together.” She had to help rookie Rianna with what to shoot for sometimes but it seems to have worked out! Savanah says “we would encourage each other a lot.”

Savanah enjoyed her first time at Nationals. “It’s really fun. You get to meet a lot of different people from different places and become friends with them. It’s a great experience.”

Rianna was also a first-time competitor at Nationals. She says “Oh yeah, I would do this again!”

SDA Provincial Youth Director Trish Gray says “the senior girls played an awesome stage set. I am super proud,” and that for the juniors, third place is a “sweet” result in their first year. Trish says the boys’ teams missed out (May 16), but not for a lack of good darts.

In other notable results, Saul Arndt of Regina finished second in the pre-tournament Bursary shoot and second again in the World Masters qualifier. Our overall finish in the Canada Cup was fifth. Full results will be posted by the NDFC.

Official team picture, NDFC Youth Nationals, Halifax, NS, May 16 2014: Back row: Laurie Unger (coach), Hunch Gray (chaperon), Saul Arndt, Austin Morrison, Ashtin Bear, Josh Grenier, Shawn Solomon (chaperon). Front row: Rianna December, Savanah Solomon, Dakota Roberts, Randi Friess, Trish Gray (SDA youth director).