Youth of today

The 2015 Youth Classic tournament was held in Regina May 2.

With a report here’s SDA President Pat Copeman:

Ten enthusiastic dart players registered for the day’s events, which started with a blind draw doubles. To provide more competition for the youth we added parents and extra spectators as entrants to the event. Each youth player was teamed with an adult except for our senior girls’ team – the senior girls played together. 

The result of this event are as follows:
1st: Saul Arndt/Shauna Grassing
2nd: Shaukeena McKay/Dan Arndt
Jt.3rd: Dakota Roberts/Randi Friess, Lyneta Grenier/Brad December
Jt.5th: David Pelly/Ashtin Bear, Clover Arndt/Carol Shepherd, Rianna December/Shawn Solomon, Josh Grenier/Pat Copeman.

In the afternoon the youth players played singles against the other players in their respective divisions.

The results are as follows: 

Senior Girls: 1st – Randi Friess, 2nd – Clover Arndt, 3rd – Lyneta Grenier
Junior Girls: 1st – Rianna December, 2nd – Savanah Solomon, 3rd – Shaukeena McKay
Junior Boys: 1st – Saul Arndt, 2nd – Josh Grenier, 3rd – David Pelly
There were no senior boys at the tournament.

All in all the players enjoyed themselves and the tournament was a success. – Pat

Thanks Pat!

Pictured below having a good time are the players with their coaches and parents.  A good-looking bunch – you know who you are!

Photo by Becky Arndt

This tournament serves as a warm-up for Youth Team Saskatchewan members Dakota, Randi, Rianna, Savanah, Saul and Josh who are off to St. Catherine’s for the Nationals May 14-17.