Youth Classic rerun for Mitch

Mitch Kavanagh of Regina repeated his 2009 win at the Youth Classic in the 2010 event January 16 in Saskatoon. Here are the results:

Senior Boys
1st Mitch Kavanagh (Regina)
2nd James Walter (Hudson Bay)
3rd Caleb Grenier (Hudson Bay)

Senior Girls
1st Aspen Cleaveley (Hudson Bay)
2nd Megan Lyons (Nipawin)
3rd Letitia Walter (Hudson Bay) “””180″””

Junior Boys
1st Austin Morrison (Rosetown)
2nd Brandon Geini (Nipawin)
3rd Damon Netowaysin (Hudson Bay)
3rd Saul Arndt (Regina)

Junior Girls
1st Brittany Lyons (Nipawin)
2nd Miranda Cleaveley (Hudson Bay)
3rd Randi Friess (Nipawin)

Austin Morrison and Michelle Grenier teamed up to win the Blind Draw doubles event.

The new venue at Saskatoon’s Confederation Inn was a success. Styling!

Organizers Trish and Hunch would like to thank Bonnie, Al and Doug for helping set up and Laurie for the treats and pop.