Wins for SK youth at Klondike

Matthew Shephard and Rianna December came back from Edmonton with first place finishes. With more here’s Youth director Mel December:

This past weekend Saskatchewan had a good showing at the Klondike in Edmonton with our youth having 9 players in total.  On Saturday Matthew Sheppard came in first in junior boys and Gabe Noble got joint third while Taryn Kristjanssen got second in senior females and Will Sheppard got joint third in senior boys.  Way to go everyone! This is the first ranked NDFC youth tournament earning points for Matthew, Gabe and Taryn!  Currently Matthew is sitting in first place, Gabe in third for junior boys and Taryn in second in senior girls for NDFC!

On Sunday the WDF singles event took place. Saskatchewan did well again having Rianna December (pictured right) take first place and Taryn (far right) placing joint third!  Way to represent girls!  Shout out to Jamie Sheppard and the Maple Creek crew for all their fundraising and dedication to the youth to make attending this event possible.