Wednesday Night League

Updated schedule.

Hello everyone,

We are down to 9 teams, so there will now be a bye each week. Remember there will be food starting this week, October 6th at 6:00 pm. Also we start playing at 7:00 pm. Below you will find the spare list, schedule and team list. You should be able to download for you convenience.

Thank you,

Laurie Kitzul


Hello Dart Player,

We will start league play this Wednesday, September 22nd, Please be there by 6:30 pm so we can have the AGM, do elections and start play at at reasonable time. PLEASE BE SURE YOUR TEAM KNOWS, (I do).

All people will have to wear masks into the club and while playing darts. Masks are not necessary while sitting at the table.

We will discuss changing the league start time from 7:30 pm to 7:00 pm to make for an earlier evening. This vote will take place at the start of the AGM prior to elections.

There are 11 teams this year, so we will have a bye each week. The team The Tungsten Terror Squad has this week’s bye.

Thank you,

Laurie Kitzul, Statistician for Executive

Last Season’s Regular Final Stats

2020-2021 Executives
PresidentDoug Spearey306-370-3616
Vice-presidentSean Shea306-370-6990
TreasurerKathy Vance306-261-2179
SecretaryBarb Schnurr306-341-1537
StatisticianLaurie Kitzul306-260-2486