SDA Issues Covid-19 Protocols for the Safe Return to Darts

The risk of spreading the virus means that darts is not going to be the same this season. However, there is a way for small groups to continue to play organized darts safely. 

Following the lead of Sandi Orr, who has created a policy for the safe return to darts in Alberta, the SDA is now asking all darts leagues and clubs to use a system of mini-cohorts. All players in your affiliated club will have to register and sign an agreement before they join a dart club mini-cohort.

League or club organizers in all SDA zones should please read over the following documents: General protocols and safety requirements

The following documents are for organizers to use as templates for their group. Please download as Word files and change the parts that are specific to your group:

Please be aware that policies like this can be changed with short notice so stay with for the latest updates.