Rianna tops junior girls at Silver Cup

Rianna December of Saskatoon took first place in the junior girls’ event at the Silver Cup Challenge held in Medicine Hat April 28-30.

Rianna, second right, is pictured celebrating with the other winners Courtney Kane, Jayden Chiasson and Roan Herbert. The SDA sent our youth team to the tournament as a warm-up for their Nationals trip later this month. With a report from the tournament, here’s SDA Youth Director Shauna Grassing:

“Eight youth players and four chaperones travelled to┬áMedicine Hat for the Silver Cup Challenge youth tournament.

“It was a great team-building weekend. Dan and Becky Arndt, Shawn Solomon and I chaperoned the crew. Unfortunately Josh Grenier was not able to attend.

“Our Saskatchewan players exhibited great sportsmanship of which we should all be proud. We have taught them well. There were a number of personal best finishes and even some cash prizes. The youth threw some amazing darts. We are proud of every one of them. On Friday evening the adults joined in the fun for a blind draw. Saturday was draw doubles for boys and girls, as well as the World Dart Federation Singles event. On Sunday, singles were played in each age division.

“Rianna December finished first in the girls WDF event and first in the Junior Girls Singles event! Way to go Rianna. We also had a few second place finishes and many joint 3rds in the other events. ” – Shauna Grassing

The youth team is pictured above. Back row L-R:Dillon Dumont (alt), Saul Arndt, Jaymes Swenson (alt), David Pelly, Cameron Wheeler. Front Row: Savanah Solomon, Rianna December, Shaukeena McKay. The team sent us this message: “We would like to thank the SDA for the opportunity to travel to Medicine Hat as part of our training for nationals. We would also like to thank Bill Hatter and crew for putting on a great shoot.”

NDFC Youth Nationals start May 16 in Saint John, New Brunswick. Let’s wish our team all the best! You can get all the results here as soon as they come in.