Going to Gander

The indomitable Lyons sisters Megan and Brittany take a trophy each at provincials and are away to Newfoundland for the Youth Nationals.

Senior boy Mitch Kavanagh is taking off for the fourth time while partner Tyson Newell and junior Austin Morrison make a second trip. Persistence pays off for Miranda Cleaveley, who makes it at the third attempt.
Here are the results. Top two go, thirds are alternates.

Junior Girls
1st Brittany Lyons (Nipawin)
2nd Miranda Cleaveley (Hudson Bay)
3rd Clover Arndt (Regina)

Junior Boys
1st Austin Morrison (Rosetown)
2nd Saul Arndt (Regina)
3rd Kyle Solomon (Regina)

Senior Girls
1st Megan Lyons (Nipawin)
2nd Letitia Walter (Hudson Bay)*
3rd Aspen Cleaveley (Hudson Bay)

Senior Boys
1st Tyson Newell (Prince Albert)
2nd Mitch Kavanagh (Regina)
3rd James Walter (Hudson Bay)

In the picture: L-R, back row, Mitch, Tyson, James, Tish, Clover; middle row: Kyle, Megan, Austin, Brittany, Miranda; in front: Saul and Aspen.

Saul is the youngest member of the team – he’s 10.

*Aspen will be in Gander as part of the team because Letitia is unavailable for Newfoundland.

Congratulations to them all. Full results soon.