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Photos submitted by: John Brann, Pat Copeman, Brian Gatin, Wayne Hudson, Barb Schmidt, Carol Shepherd.
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Youth Team Photos

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Player Lists 1980-2008

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Nice Shot

The latest selection from the SDA photo library:

Randy Peterson receives a set of gold darts for a perfect game of 301 at the 1985 Provincials. Looking on – Ted Fudge, SDA President

    2019 NDFC Nationals held in Saskatoon

    The SDA in conjunction with SUDO hosted the NDFC Nationals at the Saskatoon Inn in June.

    Saskatchewan played to a ninth place finish in the Canada Cup standings. First were Ontario, second Nova Scotia and third Alberta. You can see full results at the NDFC web site.

    SDA President Elaine Walker was presented with a Lifetime Membership. Congratulations to them both!

    The SDA thanks all the volunteers and everyone who helped make the Nationals a success!

    Team Saskatchewan in Tough at 2018 Nationals

    At Drummondville QC, Jun 12-16, the team from Saskatchewan met with some stiff opposition at the 2018 NDFC Nationals, finishing up in 10th place overall.

    Our best performance was by the men’s doubles team of Steve Kristjansson and Jason Skinner, who made last eight.

    Full results are posted at the NDFC web site.

    The team is shown above in the official NDFC team picture. Back Row, L-R: Ashtin Bear, Myles Charles, Steve Kristjansson, Jason Skinner, Karsten Larsen, John Brann, Curt Gamble, Marcus Stephanson (SDA), Jim Dennis, unknown piper. Front row, L-R: Sharon Acker, Angela Aucoin, Elaine Walker, Aspen Hall, Stacey Stephanson, Melanie Thomas, Shelley Stephanson, Bev Roth.

    Highlights from the 2014-15 seasonTeam Saskatchewan Represent!

    Team Saskatchewan attended the NDFC Adult National Championships, which started June 16 in St. Catherine’s, Ontario. After the opening ceremony, the darts began with men’s and women’s doubles. Saskatchewan pairs Danny Mckenzie/Ashtin Bear and Bonnie Lapierre/Aspen Cleaveley advanced to the first knockout round.

    On Wednesday the 17th, the singles events were played. Saskatchewan women’s champ Bonnie Lapierre advanced to the second round, repeating her joint-ninth finish from 2014. Canadian National champions for 2015 are Dave Cameron (NS) and Maria Mason (ON), both of whom repeated their 2014 wins.

    Thursday featured the mixed doubles event. Ashtin/Aspen came closest to a knockout berth, losing a playoff.

    At the awards banquet Thursday evening, it was announced that Saskatchewan finished ninth in the overall Canada Cup standings. This year’s winners are Ontario, who have now won it 21 out of 30 times.

    Back row, L-R: Eric Matheson, Danny Mckenzie, Darrell Nash, Karsten Larsen, James Walter, Jim Dennis, Ashtin Bear, Ernie Charles. Front row, L-R: Aspen Cleaveley, Stacey Stephanson, Bonnie Lapierre, Joan Hodgen, Lowine Binkley, Judy Cleaveley, Carol Shepherd, Wendy Hrechka, Pat Copeman (SDA President).

    Saskatchewan finally had something to get excited about on the last day of Nationals. In Friday’s Nodor Cup team event, the Saskatchewan women came third, repeating the 2014 team’s achievement. In the World Cup Alternative competition, Danny Mckenzie narrowly missed out on a trip overseas, losing to Paul Bolduc in the men’s final. Congratulations on a great run, Danny! Bonnie Lapierre was joint fifth in the women’s event.

    The Canadian Open was played on the closing Saturday. Full official results of all events will be posted at the NDFC website.

    Youth Pairs Make Podium at Nationals

    May 15: On the first day of competition at NDFC Youth Nationals in St. Catherine’s, Ontario, our doubles teams were in action in four categories. Two of our pairs made the semi-finals.

    Senior girls Dakota Roberts and Randi Friess collect a bronze medal; junior boys Saul Arndt and Josh Grenier also receive a bronze medal.

    May 16: Play continued with the singles events. Four of our eight players (Austin, Dakota, Saul and Savanah) made it out of their sections then fell in the first round. 

    May 17: The final day. Team SK lost a first-round playoff in the Nodor Cup team event. Best result was joint fifth for Rianna and Saul in the mixed doubles.

    the team take some time out for a visit to Niagara Falls. Looking good! L-R Savanah Solomon, Josh Grenier, Rianna December, Jaymes Swenson, Dakota Roberts, Randi Friess, Austin Morrison, Saul Arndt.The final tally of Canada Cup points was announced at Sunday’s awards ceremony. Saskatchewan finished in 5th place overall. Not too shabby!

    The team were accompanied to St. Catherine’s by acting SDA Youth Director Pat Copeman and coaches Becky Arndt, Ken Cleaveley and Shawn Solomon.

    Let’s congratulate all the players on a great team effort.

    Danny Repeats, Bonnie Regains Title at 2015 Provincials

    Saskatchewan men’s champion Danny Mckenzie of Stanley Mission retained his title at the SDA Provincials in Creighton April 12, while Bonnie Lapierre regained the women’s title she last won in 2013.

    Congratulations to both of them!

    Let’s wish all our representatives good luck for the NDFC Nationals in St. Catherine’s in June.

    Pictured above are the winners at Creighton. Back row L-R: Shawn Solomon, Ernie Charles, Ashtin Bear, Karsten Larsen, Eric Matheson, Jim Dennis, James Walter, Darrell Nash, Danny Mckenzie; Front row L-R: Gwen Blatz, Wendy Hrechka, Stacey Stephanson, Lowine Binkley, Judy Cleaveley, Joan Hodgen, Carol Shepherd, Aspen Cleaveley, Bonnie Lapierre. Photo by Tanya Benoit

    Bonnie ‘The Hammer’ Lapierre has now won the women’s trophy an amazing nineteen times; Danny Mckenzie chalks up his eighth win. They’ll be Team Saskatchewan captains for Nationals.

    Here’s the line-up for Team SK 2015:


    1. Danny Mckenzie Stanley Mission
    2. Ashtin Bear Prince Albert
    3. Karsten Larsen Saskatoon
    4. Eric Matheson Saskatoon
    5. Jim Dennis Regina
    6. James Walter Hudson Bay
    7. Darrell Nash Flin Flon
    8. Ernie Charles Stanley Mission

    Alt. Shawn Solomon Regina


    1. Bonnie Lapierre Regina
    2. Aspen Cleaveley Mortlach
    3. Carol Shepherd Moose Jaw
    4. Joan Hodgen Midale
    5. Judy Cleaveley Hudson Bay
    6. Lowine Binkley Hudson Bay
    7. Stacey Stephanson Saskatoon
    8. Wendy Hrechka Flin Flon

    Alt. Gwen Blatz Flin Flon

    Elections were held at Creighton on April 11 for three positions on the SDA Executive. Pat Copeman stays on as President; new executives are Judy Cleaveley, Secretary, and Brian Humphreys, 2nd Vice-president. They will take up their posts in time for the AGM in September and serve two-year terms.

    Highlights from the 2013-14 Season

    Nationals roundup

    The 2014 NDFC Adult National Championships took place in Halifax. With a report from Nationals, here’s SDA President Pat Copeman:

    “The Nationals started on Tuesday June 10 with the Men’s and Ladies’ Doubles events. Unfortunately we had only one Doubles team advance to the knockout round – Cathy Kerrigan and Bonnie Lapierre achieved a joint 5th finish in this event.”

    “On Wednesday the Men’s and Ladies’ Singles events took place. Again it was our women who advanced to the knockout round. Cathy Kerrigan and Joan Hodgen finished joint 17th and Bonnie Lapierre finished in the joint 9th position.”

    June 10th: Back row (L-R): Cathy Kerrigan, Danny Mckenzie, Jim Dennis, John Brann, Karsten Larsen, Ken Friesen, Alex Parnitsky, Eric Matheson, Curt Gamble, Dorothy Zimmer (alt). Front row (L-R): Pat Copeman (SDA President), Judy Cleaveley, Aspen Cleaveley, Bonnie Lapierre, Stacey Saccucci, Carol Shepherd, Joan Hodgen, Sherry Hingtgen.

    “On Thursday the Mixed Doubles event was played. Cathy Kerrigan and Danny McKenzie were eliminated in a playoff.”

    “Friday was the Nodor Cup event. Our Ladies’ team (pictured) got joint 3rd in this event.”

    “While the team remained in 8th spot in the Canada Cup standings we did increase our point count by 17 points. I look forward to a further increase in total points for next year.” – Pat Copeman

    Thanks Pat and well done to all our competitors!

    In other results, Cathy Kerrigan partnered up with Mandy Fleck of B.C. to win the ladies’ doubles at the Canadian Open. Nice job!

    Jim and Dave
    Mandy and Cathy

    In the pre-tournament East Coast Open, Jim Dennis reached the final, finishing second to Dave Cameron of Nova Scotia. They’re pictured left. Carol Shepherd came joint ninth in the ladies’ event.

    Full results from Nationals are posted here by the NDFC.

    Saskatchewan youth Ashtin Bear wins National Championship

    Ashtin Bear of Prince Albert won the NDFC National Senior Boys’ championship in Halifax May 17, defeating Dawson Murschell of Alberta in the final 3-1. Ashtin, pictured right, took out a 72 finish to win the gold. After his victory he said “I can’t believe I won,” later saying that it is “a dream come true.” What better way to end his final year as a youth player!

    Congratulations Ashtin! Dakota Roberts, also from Prince Albert, came second in senior girls, losing to Raina Burke of Newfoundland in the final 3-2. The match went down to the final double.

    A day earlier, Dakota and her partner Randi Friess finished second in senior girls’ doubles, then on Day 3, Ashtin and Dakota teamed up to finish second in mixed doubles, bringing Dakota her third silver and the team’s total medal count to a gold, three silvers and a bronze.

    More on this story on our Youth Page

    Danny Makes a Comeback, Cathy Tops Women

    Danny Mckenzie of Stanley Mission has regained the title of men’s provincial champion, having won it six times before, most recently in 2008. Women’s champ at her first attempt is Cathy Kerrigan of Saskatoon. Congratulations to both of them!

    After three long days of competition in Saskatoon April 11-13, Team Sask 2014 was decided for the NDFC Nationals in Nova Scotia.


    1. Danny Mckenzie Stanley Mission
    2. Jim Dennis Regina
    3. Karsten Larsen Saskatoon
    4. Ken Friesen Saskatoon
    5. John Brann Regina 
    6. Eric Matheson Saskatoon
    7. Curt Gamble Moose Jaw
    8. Alex Parnitsky Saskatoon

    Alt James Walter Hudson Bay


    1. Cathy Kerrigan Saskatoon
    2. Bonnie Lapierre Regina
    3. Joan Hodgen Midale
    4. Stacey Saccucci Saskatoon
    5. Judy Cleaveley Hudson Bay
    6. Sherry Hingtgen Regina
    7. Carol Shepherd Moose Jaw
    8. Aspen Cleaveley Saskatoon

    Alt Dorothy Zimmer Regina

    Four other newcomers in the team are Stacey, Eric, Aspen and Alex.

    Danny Mckenzie of Stanley Mission
    Cathy Kerrigan of Saskatoon
    Highlights from the 2012-13 Season

    Bonnie makes National semis

    With a report from St. John’s here’s SDA President Pat Copeman:

    “Bonnie Lapierre was joint 3rd in the Ladies Singles event at the 2013 Nationals in St. John’s Newfoundland. Bonnie and her partner Georgina Ratt also made it to the knockout round of the Ladies’ Doubles event.

    “Joan Hodgen and Karsten Larsen advanced to the knockout round in the Mixed Doubles event. While our other teams did not advance to the knockout round the number of matches won increased over last year’s results which resulted in Saskatchewan finishing 8th in the Canada Cup standings – two positions up from last year.”

    Team Saskatchewan 2013 competed in the NDFC Nationals in St. John’s. Pictured are (back row, L-R) Jaret Gray, Jason Skinner, Gerry Rorick, Karsten Larsen, Pat Copeman (SDA President/coach), Ken Friesen, John Brann, Myles Charles; (centre row, L-R) Carol Shepherd, Lowine Binkley, Judy Cleaveley, Sherry Hingtgen, Georgina Ratt, Tiffany Carter-Caron, Danny McKenzie; (bottom row, L-R) Bonnie Lapierre, Joan Hodgen.

    New Champ, Newcomers Win at Provincials

    Regina, April 14: The 2013 men’s winner and new provincial champion is Gerry Rorick of Rosetown; Bonnie Lapierre of Regina takes the women’s championship and an amazing eighteenth title. Newcomers on the teams are Rorick, Sherry Hingtgen of Regina and Jaret Gray of Rosetown. 

    The team looks strong this year, boasting five more former SDA provincial champions among its ranks. They’re off to St. John’s, NL for the NDFC Nationals in June. Congratulations to all of them!

    President Pat Copeman sends us this report from Regina:

    “Saskatchewan has a new male provincial champion. Gerry Rorick of Rosetown swept through the field of forty-eight men losing only three matches the entire weekend. Gerry was followed closely by Jason Skinner (five losses) and Karsten Larsen (six losses). The rest of the men’s team in order of their finish is as follows: 4th – Ken Friesen, 5th – Danny McKenzie, 6th – John Brann, 7th – former youth champion Jaret Gray and 8th – Myles Charles. Brian Humphreys is the 1st alternate.

    Bonnie Lapierre successfully defended her women’s championship title besting Georgina Ratt by 1 point. The rest of the women’s team is 3rd – Joan Hodgen, 4th – Judy Cleaveley, 5th-newcomer Sherry Hingtgen, 6th – Carol Shepherd, 7th – Tiffany Caron and 8th – Lowine Binkley. 1st alternate for the women is Aspen Cleaveley.”Forty-eight men and twenty-four women participated in the three-day competition.

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the volunteers who assisted with set-up and tear-down and with section controlling.  Without you the event would not have been possible.”

    (Back row, L-R) Brian Humphreys, Myles Charles, Jason Skinner, Karsten Larsen, Ken Friesen, Jaret Gray, John Brann, Gerry Rorick; (Front row, L-R) Danny McKenzie, Aspen Cleaveley, Lowine Binkley, Tiffany Caron, Carol Shepherd, Sherry Hingtgen, Judy Cleaveley, Joan Hodgen, Georgina Ratt, Bonnie Lapierre. Photo courtesy of Tim Carter.

    The Zone Cup goes to Stanley Mission, who achieved a 68.5% win rate. Second was Prince Albert with 62.8%, followed by North Battleford 58.6%, Saskatoon 49.5%, West Central 48.6%, Regina 46.9%.

    Highlights from the 2011-12 Season

    Nationals wins elude Team Sask

    Lowine Binkley of Hudson Bay advanced to the last sixteen at the NDFC National women’s singles competition June 12. Congratulations to her and well played the rest of the Saskatchewan reps who attended the Adult Nationals in Northern Ontario June 11-14.

    Other notables were Bonnie Lapierre, Joan Hodgen and Judy Cleaveley who all lost out in sectional playoffs. SDA President Pat Copeman says “the doubles eluded us,” and for the ones who got into playoffs and had a chance to advance, “it wasn’t to be.”

    Pictured in the official team photo from Thunder Bay: Back row, L-R, Frank Zimmer (coach), Cliff Culbert, Curt Gamble, Jeff Berner, Karsten Larsen, John Brann, Trevor Gilchrist, Jim Dennis, Earl Stirling-Brown; centre row, Tiffany Caron, Carol Shepherd, Judy Cleaveley; front row, Bonnie Lapierre, Becky Arndt, Dorothy Zimmer, Pat Copeman (SDA president), Joan Hodgen, Lowine Binkley.

    This year’s Canada Cup winners are Alberta. Full results on the NDFC website.

    John, Bonnie repeat at Provincials

    Reigning champions John Brann and Bonnie Lapierre retained their titles at the Provincials played April 13-15 in Nipawin.

    John, pictured near left with SDA President Pat Copeman, posted a 90-15 record over three days to take the Championship. Bonnie, right, lifted the ladies’ trophy for an incredible 17th time.

    The best in Saskatchewan darts competed for the team positions at the 2012 NDFC Nationals. Here are your representatives for Thunder Bay in June:


    1. John Brann Regina
    2. Karsten Larsen Saskatoon
    3. Cliff Culbert Hodgeville
    4. Curt Gamble Moose Jaw
    5. Jim Dennis Regina
    6. Earl Stirling-Brown Nipawin
    7. Jeff Berner Regina
    8. Trevor Gilchrist Regina

    Alt Tony Solomon Colonsay


    1. Bonnie Lapierre Regina
    2. Joan Hodgen Midale
    3. Lowine Binkley Hudson Bay
    4. Carol Shepherd Moose Jaw 
    5. Tiffany Caron Regina
    6. Judy Cleaveley Hudson Bay
    7. Becky Arndt Regina
    8. Dorothy Zimmer Regina

    Alt Laurie Kitzul Saskatoon

    Congratulations to all of them, and welcome first-time team members Jeff and Trevor. Thirty-six men and 18 women took part in the event.

    Highlights from the 2010-11 Season

    Saskatchewan improves at Nationals

    Our adult team finished up in seventh place at the 2011 NDFC National Championships, our best result since 2007. Here they are in the official team photo, taken June 14 at Edmonton:

    Back Row, L-R: Cliff Culbert, Curt Gamble, John Brann, Jim Dennis. 3rd row: RCMP officer, Karsten Larsen, Ken Friesen, Becky Arndt, Shauna Grassing (coach), RCMP officer. 2nd row: Tracy Keel, Brian Humphreys, Wayne Hudson, Georgina Ratt, Carol Shepherd.
    Front row: Marlene Culbert, Tiffany Caron, Lowine Binkley, Laurie Kitzul (SDA President), Bonnie Lapierre.

    The first day featured the doubles competition. We had two pairs in the last 16: Tracy/Marlene and Lowine/Bonnie.

    In singles on Day 2, Cliff, Bonnie and Carol made the knockout. Unfortunately, Bonnie and Carol were drawn to play one another in the first round. Carol finished joint 9th.

    In the mixed doubles, Lowine/Curt and Bonnie/John made it out of their sections. Bonnie and John made it to joint 9th.

    Here are the final standings for the 2011 Canada Cup:

    3rdNova Scotia233
    5thNewfoundland & Labrador222
    6thBritish Columbia185
    8thNew Brunswick157
    9thNorthern Ontario149
    11thNorthwest Territories123
    12thPrince Edward Island62

    As part of their trip, the team also took part in the Canadian Open singles, in which several of our players progressed from the round robin. Jim made joint 17th.

    Full results of all events can be found on the NDFC site.

    The SDA is proud of all our players and the sportsmanship they demonstrated during the Nationals. Thanks to Laurie and Shauna for representing the SDA, coaching the team and officiating on our behalf and to Jeff Berner and the team’s spouses for their invaluable support.

    Brann new champ, Bonnie back on top

    Provincial champions 2011:
    John Brann, Bonnie Lapierre

    SDA Provincials, Saskatoon, April 10: John Brann of Regina (left) shot three days of near-perfect darts to win the 2011 Provincials men’s event by a wide margin. His record was an amazing 96-8.

    Bonnie Lapierre of Regina (right) regains her title of women’s champion, winning for the sixteenth time.

    Here’s a run-down of the players that will represent Saskatchewan at the NDFC Canadian Nationals in Edmonton this June:


    1. John Brann Regina
    2. Curt Gamble Moose Jaw
    3. Cliff Culbert Hodgeville
    4. Karsten Larsen Saskatoon
    5. Brian Humphreys Flin Flon
    6. Ken Friesen Saskatoon
    7. Wayne Hudson Saskatoon
    8. Jim Dennis Regina

    Alt Curtis Neufeld Swift Current


    1. Bonnie Lapierre Regina
    2. Lowine Binkley Hudson Bay
    3. Georgina Ratt Stanley Mission
    4. Carol Shepherd Moose Jaw
    5. Tiffany Caron Regina
    6. Becky Arndt Regina
    7. Marlene Culbert Hodgeville
    8. Tracy Keel Regina

    Alt Judy Cleaveley Hudson Bay

    This year’s Zone Cup goes to Stanley Mission with 63.0% wins. Next was Regina, 59.5%, followed by Moose Jaw, 57.0%. High out was a 170 by Brian Humphreys. Nice shot!

    The beautiful new silver championship trophies are sponsored by Jeff Berner of Western Pizza. The old trophies, which have served since 1984, were presented to six-time champion Danny McKenzie of Stanley Mission and to Bonnie Lapierre, in recognition of their career achievements.

    Team rep Carol Shepherd makes her 25th appearance as a Team Saskatchewan player, a record that will stand for a long time. There’s one rookie this year: Tiffany Caron made it on her first try. Congratulations to her and all the players who made the team.

    The SDA thanks Elaine Walker of SUDO and her team of volunteers for all their hard work during the three-day event.

    Highlights from the 2009-10 Season

    2010 Nationals roundup

    Nationals turned out to be a tough go for Team Saskatchewan, who finished in tenth place overall.

    In men’s singles, several of the guys made a splash and Jimmy Dennis ended up advancing to the first round. In the ladies’, former Canadian champ Bonnie Lapierre made it through the round robin, only to be knocked out early. Carol Shepherd lost out in a tiebreaker.

    In men’s doubles, ladies’ doubles and mixed doubles events, our players gave it a good shot.

    On the brighter side, rookie player Karsten Larsen tried his luck at the Americas Cup qualifier and ended up fourth, one win from a trip to the Bahamas in fact. An excellent first try at some real tough competition.

    And in the Canadian Open tournament, Sharon Acker made joint ninth. Nice job!

    Team Saskatchewan 2010 at the NDFC National Championships in Gander, Newfoundland June 15.
    Back row, L-R: Jim Dennis, Brian Humphreys, Curt Gamble, John Brann. Middle Row; RCMP officer, Cliff Culbert, Jason Skinner, Karsten Larsen, Guy Gilbert, Wayne Hudson (SDA), RCMP officer. Front row: Dorothy Zimmer, Wendy Stoop-Hrechka, Sharon Acker, Carol Shepherd, Pat Copeman, Becky Arndt, Laurie Kitzul (SDA Pres). Front; Bonnie Lapierre, Joan Hodgen.

    The full results from Gander can be found at the new NDFC website. They’re updating more frequently nowadays and you’ll get started here.

    Highlights from the 2008-9 Season

    Ninth at Nationals

    Team Saskatchewan were shut out at the National Darts Championships, their best finish being ninth place.

    In women’s singles, Bonnie Lapierre and Joan Hodgen each finished joint ninth June 17.

    Ladies’ team captain Lapierre and eleventh-hour substitute Marlene Culbert were also joint ninth in women’s doubles on opening day. Marlene was a late addition when Bonnie’s original partner and Saskatchewan number two Georgina Ratt had to drop out.

    In mixed doubles, Saskatchewan pair Curt Gamble and Laurie Lyons made the knockout round.

    And after all the results were in, Saskatchewan’s team ended up ninth overall in the Canada Cup ’09.

    At the awards ceremony, long-time SDA executive Pat Copeman was presented with lifetime membership of the NDFC.

    The Nationals took place in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec. See the Provincials story below for team names and zones. You can link to the NDFC Adult page for full results.

    Aspen and Alitha Take Bronze at Youth Nationals

    Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec, May 15: Saskatchewan senior girls Aspen Cleaveley (Hudson Bay) and Alitha Chamney (Estevan) finished joint third in the doubles on the first day of the 2009 NDFC Youth Nationals. Great job girls!

    May 16: SDA Youth Director Trish Gray says Saturday was a tough day for our players in the singles competition, with hard losses for some. No one advanced past the first round, but there was awesome group support, says Trish. Even after Team Sask had all finished for the day, they sportingly stuck around for stage play in a “sea of white” team shirts.

    May 17: Trish reports from Saint-Hyacinthe.

    “On Sunday we played the Nodor Cup event, our first round was against New Brunswick. The players did very well, but unfortunately the team lost 3-4 ending the opportunity to continue.”

    “Next was the mixed doubles event. The competition was fierce and all of our mixed teams played very well, but unfortunately they did not continue on into any of the medal draws.”

    Front row, L-R: Jacki Lalonde (SDA), Austin Morrison, Aspen Cleaveley, Trish Gray (SDA), Alitha Chamney, Megan Lyons, Naomi Netowaysin. Back row: Hunch Gray (SDA), Mitch Kavanagh, Tyson Newell, James Walter, Brian Humphreys (SDA).

    “It was very emotional for some of the players, but I told them that I did not care about the Ws, the medals or any of that. As long as they felt that they played well that is all that mattered to me. I was never disappointed with any of them – they are all my heroes.”

    “Megan Lyons played in the World Masters qualifier. She advanced through a couple of the knock-out draws and played exceptionally well. She had the whole team standing right behind her all the way.”

    “It was such a pleasure to take this group of fine young adults to Saint-Hyacinthe and watch them compete for Saskatchewan with pride, dignity and awesome sportsmanship!”

    Saskatchewan finished in sixth place overall in the Canada Cup.

    Highlights from the 2007-8 Season

    Saskatchewan Pair Third at Nationals

    Winnipeg, June 10, 2008: Bonnie Lapierre and Carol Shepherd took joint third place in ladies’ doubles at the NDFC National Darts Championships.

    Bonnie and Carol were in Winnipeg with the rest of Team Saskatchewan for the Nationals. The 16-member team is pictured below, posing on opening day June 10.

    Back row: Phil Roberts, Cliff Culbert, Jason Skinner, Guy Gilbert, Steve McKechnie, Danny McKenzie, Jim Dennis, Brian Humphreys, Judy Seidler (SDA Pres). Front row: Pat Copeman (SDA Exec), Judy Cleaveley, Lowine Walter, Dorothy Zimmer, Marlene Culbert, Carol Shepherd, Joan Hodgen, Bonnie Lapierre, Georgina Ratt. Photo courtesy MDA.

    More results from Winnipeg: Bonnie Lapierre made joint 9th in the ladies’ singles. Georgina Ratt finished joint 17th. In ladies’ doubles, in addition to semi-finalists Lapierre and Shepherd, Georgina Ratt and Marlene Culbert were joint 17th. Over in the men’s doubles, Jim Dennis and Brian Humphreys were the highest finishing Saskatchewan team with joint 17th.

    Two of our mixed pairs made it out to the last 32: Danny McKenzie and Bonnie Lapierre, Steve McKechnie and Marlene Culbert. The NDFC website has full draw results posted.

    Bonnie Wins Pre-tournament at Nationals

    In an early result from Winnipeg, the SDA’s own Bonnie Lapierre wins the ladies’ singles event at the Red River pre-tournament. Nice job!

    Youth team third in Canada Cup 08

    Final results from NDFC Youth Nationals: Saskatchewan finishes third with 69 points, behind Ontario (1st – 86) and Alberta (2nd – 83). 

    Winnipeg, May 18: Jaret Gray and Alitha Chamney finish joint third in the senior mixed doubles. In the Nodor Cup team event, Saskatchewan were joint third.

    May 17: Singles successes include a second place for Megan Lyons of Nipawin in the junior girls, and joint third for Jaret Gray of Rosetown in the senior boys’ event.

    May 16: Senior boys Jaret Gray and Wade Grassing take first place in the doubles. Alitha Chamney and Janine Grassing finished second in the senior girls’ doubles. Junior girls Megan Lyons and Nicole Allardice came in joint third in their event.

    Coaching this year were Trish and Hunch Gray; our chaperones were Jim Dennis and Shauna Grassing. For photos of the team see our Youth Page.

    Highlights from the 2006-7 Season

    Moon rises at Nationals

    Danny “Moon” McKenzie of Stanley Mission, SK reached the final of the Canadian National Darts Championship at the Saskatoon Inn June 13, 2007.

    McKenzie qualifies to play in the World Masters in England, representing Canada.

    Five-time Saskatchewan provincial champion McKenzie says he’s “always dreamed of getting into professional darts.” On stage in the final with a raucous home-town audience cheering his every throw, he took one step further towards his dream. “I liked the sound of that ‘One hundred and eighty’ when the guy announced it,” he says.

    McKenzie was beaten in the Men’s singles final by two-time world champion* and now 5-time Canadian Champion John Part of Ontario. Part, nonetheless proud of his achievement, admits to ‘spoiling the party’ in an interview on the PDC website.

    Danny finished first in his section, and then proceeded to take care of players from Alberta, Ontario, Quebec and Ontario’s number two Dan Olson before meeting Part in the final.

    After his amazing run, Danny says he was “in the rhythm all day.”

    McKenzie equals the best ever performance by a Saskatchewan man at Nationals. Carl Mercer came second in 1995 as a member of Team Sask. Brian Gatin was 3rd in 1991.

    Danny a Good Sport

    The Men’s Sportsmanship award for 2007 Nationals goes to Danny McKenzie of Saskatchewan. The most sporting woman is Kim Whaley-Hilts of Ontario.

    Saskatchewan Seventh

    In the 2007 Canada Cup,we were two points back of sixth-place B.C., but we held sway over Northern Ontario, New Brunswick and Manitoba.

    Out of twelve teams at Nationals, overall winners were Ontario, followed by Alberta, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Quebec. You can see a full breakdown of the points on the NDFC Adult page.

    Team Saskatchewan 2007 are shown below in the official team photo taken at the Saskatoon Inn June 12.

    Saskatchewan shares Youth Canada Cup

    Lachine, Quebec, May 20 : For the first time in its history, the NDFC Youth Canada Cup finished in a draw. Tied on points for first place were Saskatchewan and Alberta. Full points breakdown here

    On the whole a very strong performance by our Youth at Nationals. You can see the full results here on our Youth Page