2014 Youth Classic

The  Youth Classic 2014 was held January 11th at the Anavets Club in Saskatoon. 

Twelve youth players from across the province attended and participated in a Blind Doubles draw, and then singles were played for each of the respective categories, Junior and Senior, Boys and Girls. It was a pleasure to see some new faces that took advantage of this tournament for tips and strategies on the game. 

  Once again many thanks to the parents and the numerous volunteers that gave their time to help make this an enjoyable day for the youth players. Your continued support is what will make youth darts a success.

Blind Draw:Ist Luc Misener (Nipawin) & Saul Arndt (Regina)
 2nd Ashtin Bear (Prince Albert) & Georgia Bradley (Rosetown) 
 3rdSavanah Solomon (Regina) & Randi Friess (Nipawin) 
Singles: Junior Boys:1stSaul Arndt (Regina)
 2ndAustin Parnitsky (Saskatoon)
Senior Boys:1stAustin Morrison (Rosetown)
 2ndAshtin Bear (Prince Albert)
  3rdLuc Misener (Nipawin)
 Junior Girls:1st Rianna December (Saskatoon)
 2ndSavanah Solomon (Regina)
 3rdGeorgia Bradley (Rosetown)
Senior Girls:1stDakota Roberts (Prince Albert)
 2ndClover Arndt (Regina)
 3rd Randi Friess (Nipawin)